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Securing your communication

Идея статьи в том чтобы описать как в разных случаях применять разные варианты одной и той же технологии:

  • SSH
  • SSH port forwarding
  • Stunnell (тунель соединения через другое SSL-соединение)
  • OpenVPN

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Securing your communication with SSH, SSH port forwarding, Stunnel and OpenVPN

In order to create a software system or a development environment which is distributed over an open network like a corporate LAN, a campus network or the Internet you must protect your communication from information disclosure and provide secure authorization mechanisms.

While cryptographic communication technologies are well-known there are still different kinds of tasks that require different sets of features and software packages to be used.

This article will try to give an overview of several most common goals in communication protection and open source products that can be used to achieve these goals.

Overview of most common goals

Most of the tasks for securing communication can be described by following groups of requirements:

  • you need to run commands on a remote server and use the output of these commands locally
  • you need to make sure that connections between two computers on some specific port are tunneled through persistant encrypted channel
  • you need every connection to specific port on the server to be through encrypted but you can't keep persistant connection between clients and server
  • you need access to multiple ports on multiple computers on remote network over connection protected by encryption
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