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mod_ssl for Apache 2.2.4 (Windows)

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2008-12-05 11:53:49 [обр] Александр Петров(0/4)[досье]
Уже два часа копаюсь в поисках модуля SSL для Apache 2.2.4 и ни как не могу найти. Может кто знает где его взять?
спустя 32 минуты [обр] MiRacLe(0/80)[досье]

Looking for an older version? Please, don't. There have been a number of essential bug and security fixes with the evolving support for Apache under Win32. Most critically, there were several denial of service, arbitrary code execution and other vulnerabilities affecting Win32 in previous releases. This is especially true of any versions prior to 2.0, the older 1.3 series was never designed to run on Windows, but that support was 'hacked in', introducing a large number of potential thread saftey issues and other confirmed problems. Please, avoid all earlier versions. That said;

Only current, recommended releases are available from www.apache.org and the mirror sites. Older releases, and their corresponding debugging -symbols.zip packages, can be obtained from the archive site.

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